Le Développement à l'International

Our skills at your sevice

Welcome and thanks for being here.

We hope this visit will bring you the information that you need.

First of all, let us tell you about our activities :

We offer you our experience in leading your projects, especially our skills in mastering work (MOA) and in helping to "master work".

Either for technological or cultural intervention, your satisfaction will be our success.

Our field of intervention

Information systems

Software development, internet activities and web services, information strategic management.

Cultural and scientific projects

Scientific and technological parks, technopoles, development poles,  entreprises nurseries, science and technique museums,  technological exhibitions, and more.

Research and development

We can help you get in touch with the actors of scientific research and industrial and technological development.

Technology watch and transfer

Identification, negociations, you will keep in touch with the same person all the time.

Project leading

Only one person to keep in touch with and/or who will lead your project.

Innovation gestion

Our skill in mastering work, MOA, for technological and/or cultural innovation.

Our skills at your service

We form a pluridisciplinary and transversal consulting office that is dedicated to advice and engineering systems. We propose main services and advice, such  as:

  • Conceptions of any kind of watch missions and information research concerning companies, markets and products.
  • Providing of any intellectual resources in order to sort out any problems linked to organisation, strategies, or else, in your company.
  • Organisation of seminaries, meetings, workshops, training sessions and any events that favour social and economic activity.
  • Advice and assistance to companies and various organisations in terms of planification, organisation, control, information, management, including advice in company developing.

We offer studies, in the "MOA", work mastering, and assistance to work mastering, public or private, institutional fields included:

  • Proceeding in necessary studies to the definition and the evaluation of policies and action plans.
  • Conceiving, leading, and management projects.
  • Improving communication and working of the level.
  • Organising or animating meetings, seminaries, workshops, training sessions.
  • Operating mediations.

In the specific field of information systems, as MOA, we are responsible for the efficiency of the organisation and of the working methods of the project :

  • We can help you identify the adapted MOE to get the products that are necessary to your project (software, services, and solutions);
  • We provide the MOE with functional specifications (the job model) and validate the functional tests of the product;
  • As responsible for the leading, principal pilote, we can intervene to conciliate fundamental and functional needs with a respect of delivery dates.


Our teams and partners are located in Paris and can easily get about in France and Brazil.
For further information, a single address :